We shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings shape us

Sir Winston L. Spencer Churchill


Using the example of a harmony consultation, I would like to show you how I work as an Imperial Feng Shui Consultant. This procedure applies to all eight areas of FINE LIVING consultation.


Our first appointment is free of charge and without obligation. We walk together through all rooms and the garden of your property and discuss your wishes and expectations. Floor plans, living and usable space calculations as well as the birth dates of the residents are also important for me to consider. After this initial appointment I will give you a customized consulting offer.


After approval of the offer, a comprehensive analysis consisting of a property and living space inspection as well as a final meeting will take place. In this final meeting I will provide you with a FINE LIVING consulting folder with concrete recommendations for your living space.

Property inspection
During the FINE LIVING property inspection, I use the main instrument of Feng Shui consulting: the Chinese compass called the Lopan. With the Lopan, I determine the flow of Qi in your home and the effect on the well-being of each occupant.
Qi is the invisible and universal life energy that flows through all things and all living beings and influences our lives.
Through simple living space and garden designs or alterations, the flow of Qi can be positively adjusted, improving the overall energy supply of the home and its occupants, thereby living in harmony with oneself and the environment.

During the walk-through, I observe, recognize and record the particularities of the design of the house and which influences are harmonious or disharmonious. The term for this is called the form school. From this form school, I develop measures that positively influence the flow of Qi. This inventory, with the help of the Lopan and the form school, are the basis for any following recommended design solutions.

For example, these design measures include:

  • Setting of stones, a Buddha or other elements.
  • Setting of water, e.g., in the form of a fountain
  • Positioning of terraces, resting places, fireplaces…
  • Pruning, felling or setting of bushes or trees


Living spaces
During the subsequent inspection of the living space, all rooms of the house should be freely accessible. During this inspection I will take photographs, which of course remain strictly confidential. They serve to illustrate my recommendations for the optimization of your living space.

Design measures may include for example:

  • Changes in the position of furnishings, e.g. the rearrangement of beds or desks
  • Changes in the use of rooms, e.g., converting a bedroom into a study
  • Color redesign of rooms/walls
  • Floor plan or living space changes, e.g., the addition of a conservatory


Final meeting
In the final consultation I discuss with you in detail the current state of your living and working spaces and all recommendations for action, which are clearly and concisely presented for you in the FINE LIVING – consultation folder:

  • Current state of the Qi flow of your living spaces.
  • Design recommendations for a life in harmony and satisfaction

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