Getting living advice is much like being in a relationship: a lot depends on finding the right partner.

Birgit Schulz-Stöcklin,


Getting living advice is much like being in a relationship: a lot depends on finding the right partner. As a trained Feng Shui consultant, I not only show you a new way of looking at your rooms, but also give you a completely new attitude towards life, one of harmony with yourself and your surroundings.

Every person dreams of having a life of harmony, above all, including a home in which one feels secure and happy. This is exactly what I have been doing now for over ten years; helping people to fulfill this dream. Going through the world, bringing people together with living environments that give them the harmony they need for a happy and successful life. This is the source of my passion.

Working as a successful real estate representative at Engel und Völkers for many years, it has always fascinated me to see how much feel-good potential there was in a space that was perceived subconsciously but usually was unable to be articulated. This motivated me to take a well-founded, academic and professional training as an Imperial Feng Shui Consultant at the International Feng Shui Academy (IFSA) and has enabled me to advise my clients comprehensively and holistically, providing them not only with rooms or houses, but ultimately with the knowledge of how to feel really comfortable in them.

The Far Eastern teachings of Feng Shui is the basis for this because the implementation of its principles of harmony enables a person to feel comfortable and healthy in his or her environment.
So that instead of living in stress, one has the possibility to recharge their batteries and live in harmoniously with their environment.
Two reasons were decisive for me in taking the path of this three-year training:
First, the many positive words of feedback of my clients, who appreciated my insight in being able to bring people together with their suitable living environment.
And secondly, because of the recurring experience of people sensing the different energies in rooms, I wanted to explore the subtle flow of energy that resonates in every space and use it for the benefit of my clients.

Planning, furnishing and bringing people together with their living environments is not simply a job for me; It is my passion and my life. Of course, aside from my husband and four children! Being at home means arriving; with yourself, with your family, with the people you love, and with an inner balance and in total harmony. It’s this that I wish for my clients.


live's path

1968: born in Lörrach

High school diploma

1987 – Bank apprenticeship

1989 – Study of Economics in Trier,

graduating with a Diploma in Business Administration

1997 – Married

1998 – Four children between 1999 and 2006

2010 to present – real estate agent

2014 to present – real estate agent with Engel und Völkers Deutschland Immobilien GmbH (EuV)

Top agent at Engel und Völkers:

3rd place Best Real Estate Agents Engel und Völkers (EuV) “Germany” in 2018.

1st place Best Real Estate Agents EuV “Germany” in 2019

1st place Best Real Estate Agents EuV “Europe” in 2020

2018 – Feng Shui training at the International Feng Shui Academy (IFSA).

2019 – Examination absolved as Feng Shui Consultant

2020 – Examination absolved as Imperial Feng Shui Consultant

Additional qualifications in building biology, geomancy and new building design.

The International Feng Shui Academy

trains certified Feng Shui Consultants at the highest level. This includes, in addition to the teaching of sound technical expertise, the deepening of the understanding of this material with practice-oriented activities on concrete projects. In addition, students are constantly encouraged to expand their depth of knowledge. The education is accompanied by special seminars, courses and lectures, which are designed to intensify their knowledge in a variety of specific areas.